Firli Bahuri Speaks About Harun Masiku’s Presence in Indonesia

Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Firli Bahuri has spoken about the alleged existence of the wanted list (DPO) Harun Masiku. The former PDI-P legislative candidate has been wanted by the KPK for more than a year.

The KPK investigating team, Harun Al Rasyid, stated that he was aware of Harun Masiku’s whereabouts. The alleged briber, former KPU commissioner, Wahyu Setiawan, is said to be in Indonesia. Berita Terkini

“The KPK works with standard systems, mechanisms and procedures according to the provisions. Every case is done by a team that is not one person, the team works according to the provisions and procedures. The success of the KPK is teamwork, not individuals,” said Firli confirmed, Sunday (30/5).

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This statement was in response to the KPK investigative team Harun Al Rasyid who knew about Harun Masiku’s whereabouts. Harun Al Rasyid is one of the KPK employees who was declared ineligible for the National Insight Test (TWK). Berita politik

“There (in Indonesia), the signal is there,” as stated Harun Al Rasyid.

Harun Al Rasyid stated that his party had not been able to arrest DPO Harun Masiku. Because at this time he was released, on the pretext of not meeting the requirements for the national insight test (TWK), the status of a KPK employee to become the State Civil Apparatus (ASN)

“But because I’ve been told to direct my duties and responsibilities, so I can’t report it,” said Harun Al Rasyid.

As is known, the suspect Harun Masiku has been a KPK DPO for 16 months. Harun, who is a former PDI-P candidate, was named a suspect along with former KPU Commissioner Wahyu Setiawan, Agustiani Tio Fridelina as a former member of the Election Supervisory Board as well as Wahyu’s confidant, and Saeful Bahri.

The KPK suspects that Wahyu and Agustiani Tio Fridelina are suspected of accepting bribes from Harun and Saeful. The bribe totaling Rp. 900 million was allegedly given to Wahyu so that Harun Masiku could be appointed by the KPU as a member of the Indonesian Parliament to replace the elected candidate from PDIP Nazarudin Kiemas who died in March 2019. Berita Hari Ini

Wahyu and Agustiani have been convicted in this case. The former KPU commissioner was sentenced to six years in prison, while Agustiani Tio was sentenced to four years in prison. Meanwhile, Saeful Bahri has been sentenced to one year and eight imprisonment.

Saeful Bahri was proven together with Harun Masiku to bribe Wahyu Setiawan through former Bawaslu member Agustiani Tio Fridelina. The three of them have been sent to prison to carry out criminal sentences. Avril Lavigne Fanpage

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