Gen Halilintar Must Pay a Rp. 300 Million Fine for Violating Copyright ‘Syantik Lagi’

The legal case regarding the copyright infringement of the song ‘Lagi Syantik’ between PT Nagaswara Publisherindo and Gen Halilintar continues. The legal case was won by PT Nagaswara Publisherindo. Berita Terkini

The review (PK) proposed by Nagaswara was finally granted by the Supreme Court (MA). Rahayu Kertawiguna as CEO of Nagaswara was then grateful that his lawsuit against Gen Halilintar was proven.

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“I am very grateful that our PK to the Supreme Court (MA) was granted. Thank you to the Supreme Court for defending the sense of justice,” said Rahayu in a press release on Monday (27/12). Berita politik

“This is a form of the rule of law against the existence of songwriters, especially the song ‘Lagi Syantik’ with singer Siti Badriah. At the same time, this is a new year’s gift for us in 2022,” he continued.

Rahayu said that there was no prohibition against bringing back songs under the auspices of Nagaswara. But all that must be based on the permission and conditions of Nagaswara. Berita Hari Ini

“The hope is that netizens are copyright literate. And for the public who have been trapped by buzzers with the understanding that they should not cover, that’s not true. I will explain again that Gen Halilintar did not cover the song ‘Lagi Syantik’ but deliberately changed the lyrics without permission songwriter and commercialize it,” said Rahayu.

All of these things started when Gen Halilintar changed the lyrics of the song ‘Lagi Syantik’ and then recorded, made video clips, and shared them through Gen Halilintar’s YouTube account. However, all of this was done by Gen Halilintar without the permission of Nagaswara as the copyright holder for the song ‘Lagi Syantik’.

The copyright infringement of the song ‘Lagi Syantik’ forced the Halilintar Gen Family to pay compensation of Rp. 300 million. This is known through the Amar Decision case number: 41PK/Pdt, Sus-HK/2021. Avril Lavigne Fanpage

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