Man in Italy asks to be jailed by police for running away from wife

A man in Italy asked the police to jail him because he could not live at home with his wife.

The Albanian man is currently under police house arrest. He suddenly appeared at a police barracks and asked the authorities to put him behind bars because he could not stand living with his wife. Berita Terkini

“The man who lives in Guidonia Montecelio, outside Rome, is no longer able to cope with the forced cohabitation with his wife,” Carabinieri police near Tivoli said in a statement earlier this week.

“Due to the situation, he preferred to escape spontaneously and submitted himself to the Carabinieri to request that he serve his sentence behind bars,” the police added. Berita Hari Ini

The man was under house arrest for drug crimes a few months ago.

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Carabinieri Police Captain Francesco Giacomo told AFP the man lived with his wife and family.

Since the man was arrested, their family life is no longer running smoothly.

“He (the man) said, ‘Listen, my domestic life has become hell, I can’t do it anymore, I want to go to jail,'” Francesco said of the man’s confession. Berita politik

As a result of his actions, the man’s request was “granted” by the police.

The man was immediately detained by the police for violating the house arrest rules and the judicial authorities ordered his transfer to prison. Avril Lavigne Fanpage

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