Many Urge Herry Wirawan to be Sentenced to Castration, Will it be Effective? This is KPAI’s response

The Commissioner of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI), Retno Listyarti, also responded to the sheer number of castration sentences for perpetrators of raping dozens of female students in Bandung, Herry Wirawan (36).

Retno understands the community’s insistence that the perpetrators be severely punished, including castration.

“We understand how angry people are because they consider this act to be barbaric, not only sexually exploiting, there are also economic allegations, of course it is natural for people to ask for the harshest punishment.” Berita Terkini

“Earlier, there was already a one-third weighting of the sentence because he was the closest person to the victim, and there was also the matter of additional punishment, namely castration, we understand that society is like that,” said Retno, quoted from Youtube tvOne, Sunday (12/12/2021).

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Nevertheless, Retno explained that castration was included as an additional punishment. Berita politik

This means that the perpetrator must carry out the main punishment first, then carry out the additional punishment.

“I personally and as an institution, of course (the perpetrator’s actions) is something that is difficult for us to forgive.”

“But when it comes to punishment regarding castration, it is also an additional law, so the main punishment is carried out first, then additional punishments can be carried out,” he explained. Berita Hari Ini

Then, Retno also said that chemical castration was related to hormones.

According to him, if the perpetrator commits a depraved act not based on hormones, then the punishment becomes less effective.

“Is it effective? If it’s effective it depends on if he (performs a lewd act) because hormones can be effective, but if for other reasons it’s not effective.”

“For me, it would be better if he was sentenced to the maximum length of time in prison, in addition to whether the castration sentence was effective or not, the psychology of the perpetrator must also be checked as to what his real motive was for doing all this,” said Retno. Avril Lavigne Fanpage

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