Mistreatment of Female Passengers, Online Taxi Driver in Police Chase

An online taxi driver was reported again for the case of assaulting a female passenger. The victim, with the initials NT (25), suffered several injuries as a result of being hit by the perpetrator. NT reported what happened to the Tambora Police, West Jakarta.

According to information received, the incident began when the victim and her brother came home from a friend’s birthday party. He ordered a taxi online to his house. On the way, the victim wanted to vomit and asked the taxi driver to stop for a moment. But according to the victim’s narrative, the driver was silent.

NT opened the car window and threw up. The taxi driver did not accept because the victim’s vomit hit the car. Although it was explained that the victim would reimburse the washing fee, the taxi driver did not accept it. The taxi driver or the perpetrator cursed the victim and demanded Rp. 300 thousand. Berita Terkini

Then the victim got out of the car and threatened his brother by calling his friends to come gang up on him. Furthermore, the victim was also threatened and held his body parts. The victim fought back by slapping the driver’s hand so as not to touch his sensitive parts. But the perpetrator actually attacked him. As a result of the incident, NT suffered minor injuries to his face and stomach.

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The Tambora Police Criminal Investigation Unit when confirmed said that it was still pursuing the perpetrators.

“The identity of the (perpetrators) has been pocketed and the whereabouts of the perpetrators are currently being pursued,” said Tambora Police Chief Kompol Faruk Rozi when contacted by VOI, Thursday, December 24.

The police have also examined a number of witnesses related to reports of abuse. Berita politik

“We have examined several witnesses and have received the victim’s report with the initials NT. We also accompanied the victim to Atmajaya Hospital this morning,” said the police chief.

As a result of the incident, the victim suffered injuries to his right temple and bruises to his right hand. Berita Hari Ini

“Members have moved, hopefully in the near future the perpetrator can be arrested. Already (the identity of the perpetrator is known), is being chased,” he said. Avril Lavigne Fanpage

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