Novel Baswedan Reported to the Police, DPD Member Touches Law Enforcement Character

The Police need to be extra careful in responding to the existence of a group of people who recently reported KPK investigator Novel Baswedan. The novel was reportedly related to a tweet about the death of Soni Eranata or Ustaz Maaher At Thuwailibi at the Bareskrim Detention Center. Berita Hari Ini

“No matter how this reporting seems to defend the National Police, but the attitude of the National Police will be the basis for the public to assess what kind of character of law enforcement is expected to stand out in the era of National Police Chief Listyo Sigit,” said DPD member Abdul Rachman Thaha, Wednesday (17/2/2021 ).

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It is known that President Jokowi encouraged the public not to hesitate to criticize the Government. Equivalent to three dollars, as he explained during the fit and proper test at the DPR, the National Police Chief promised a more just portrait of law enforcement with greater humanitarian weight. DPD member Abdul Rachman Thaha said, at this point, General Listyo Sigit sent a signal about a work approach that was markedly different compared to his two predecessors. Berita Terkini

According to Rachman, law enforcement with a liberal character puts forward empathy and rehabilitation. In contrast, conservative law enforcement focuses more on the ongoing criminal justice mechanism.

“For a conservative police institution, their muruah as a law enforcement institution can only be preserved if a case goes from investigation, investigation, prosecution, trial to imprisonment,” he said.

With a more empathetic character, said Rachman, the liberal police institution hopes that the public can better understand their functions and roles. To make this happen, the police will be motivated to build better and more respectful relationships with a wider audience. Intensifying the two-way interaction is also a way of responding to public criticism. Including baseless criticism. Berita politik

“On the other hand, the conservative police do not worry about how much society understands it all. For conservative personnel, their existence is for work and they ignore public attitudes,” he said.

According to him, the police organization with a liberal character views that people can indeed commit criminal acts. But that’s not because the doer is meant to be a bad person. On the other hand, the conservative police chose repressive treatment because it was believed that this was the only way to paralyze the evil ‘spirit’ of the perpetrator.

“In the end, suppose that the Police will later display a conservative handling by taking firm steps against the reported person. The question is, how far will this contribute to the legitimacy of the Police? Will repressive handling make the public more law-abiding? Also, will conservative means make the public more initiative to report. signs of crime to the police? ” he said. Avril Lavigne Fanpage

Rachman admits that he is optimistic that making cyber units more effective in hunting down sexual predators, fraudsters, online prostitution, illegal transactions, and other crimes that are clearly detrimental to society will contribute more significantly to the attenuation of cynical views of the National Police.

It is known that the National Police stated that they had received a report against Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigator Novel Baswedan regarding his tweet commenting on the death of Soni Eranata or Ustaz Maaher At Thuwailibi.

“The head of the SPKT Bareskrim has received the report,” said Karo Penmas, Police Public Relations Division, Brigadier General Rusdi Hartono, when confirmed, Jakarta, Friday (12/2/2021).

Even so, Rusdi has not been able to explain and appoint a registered Police Report (LP) related to the report. According to Rusdi, after being received by Bareskrim Polri, his party would then study the police report first. “Investigators will study the case first, and tell us about the developments later,” said Rusdi.

The reporting was carried out by the DPP Youth, Students, and Community Protection Partners (PPMK). Novel Baswedan is said to have committed a criminal act of hate speech related to his tweet about Ustaz Maaher.

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