Said Iqbal: If Other Governors Don’t Want Wage Revisions Like Anies, Labor Resistance Will Increase!

Chairman of the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPI) Said Iqbal asked all governors in Indonesia to follow the example of DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan regarding the increase in the minimum wage for workers or laborers.

He asked all governors to revise the minimum wage as Anies did with the DKI Jakarta provincial minimum wage (UMP) which was previously set at 0.8 percent to 5.1 percent. Berita Terkini

“What Governor Anies has done is an example of not acting in the name of power over the interests of the people. Not in the name of a state with power above the rule of law,” Said said in a video caption, Saturday (12/19/2021).

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Said threatened that if other governors did not follow the revised minimum wage policy, the workers would go on strike. Berita politik

“If the governors other than the governor of DKI Jakarta do not want to revise the governor’s decree regarding the UMK of each district and city in each of these provinces, then the actions of workers’ resistance will continue to escalate,” he said.
The production stop action and other actions, said Said, will start on December 22-23 2021 and then continue on January 5, 2022 due to the Christmas and New Year holidays. Berita Hari Ini
The demand for action will be uniform, namely revising the minimum wage at the city/district level in all parts of Indonesia, especially the island of Java.\

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“(The strike) will be continued on January 5 (2022) and so on until the governors outside DKI and Jogja change the revised decree on UMK in their respective regions. The action will be carried out by hundreds of thousands and even millions of people,” said Said.
For information, DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan decided to increase the DKI Jakarta UMP from the previous Rp 4,416,186 to Rp 4,641,854.

Anies said that the decision to increase the UMP is expected to increase people’s purchasing power and not burden entrepreneurs. Avril Lavigne Fanpage

“What is more important is that through this decent UMP increase, we hope that the purchasing power of the people or workers will not decrease,” said Anies, Saturday.

“We assess this 5.1 percent increase as a feasibility for workers and still affordable for employers. This will also increase people’s purchasing power. This is a form of appreciation for workers and also enthusiasm for the economy and the business world. We hope that in the future, the economy can The pace is faster for the good of all of us,” said Anies.

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