Spokesperson: RJ Lino’s verdict proves KPK can calculate state financial losses

The KPK said that the verdict against former President Director of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero), Richard Joost Lino alias RJ Lino, was a form of acknowledgment that the KPK could calculate state financial losses. Previously, the chairman of the panel of judges said that the KPK was not careful when calculating state losses in the R.J. case. Lino.

“This is a step forward for eradicating corruption that the KPK can calculate state financial losses by continuing to coordinate with the BPK (Financial Audit Agency) and BPKP (Financial and Development Supervisory Agency) which have this authority,” said Acting KPK Spokesperson, Ali Fikri, in Jakarta, Wednesday. Berita Terkini

On Tuesday (14/12) the panel of judges at the Jakarta Corruption Court sentenced Lino to four years in prison plus a fine of Rp. 500 million, a subsidiary of six months in prison, because he was found guilty of corruption in the procurement and maintenance of three Quayside Container Crane (QCC) units in 2010 at Panjang port. (Lampung), Pontianak (West Kalimantan), and Palembang (South Sumatra). This resulted in a total state loss of 1,997,740,23 US dollars.

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“This decision completes the process of investigation, investigation, and prosecution by the KPK which has taken up to three periods of KPK leadership due to obstacles in calculating the state’s financial losses,” said Fikri.

The KPK also appreciates the panel of judges who have considered the calculation of state financial losses carried out by Accounting Forensic at the Directorate of Corruption Detection and Analysis of the KPK. Berita politik

“In its decision, the panel then assessed that the defendant’s actions had harmed the state finances of up to 1.99 million US dollars or around 28 billion rupiah,” he said. Berita Hari Ini

The judge’s decision, according to him, has upheld the principles of law enforcement against corruption as an extraordinary crime. “Which is not only to provide justice and a deterrent effect for the perpetrators, but also to prioritize the optimization of asset recovery which will become financial revenue for the state,” he said. Avril Lavigne Fanpage

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