Suciwati meets Jampidum to discuss Munir’s case today

Suciwati plans to meet with the Deputy Attorney General for General Crimes (Jampidum) at the Indonesian Attorney General’s Office (Kejagung) to discuss the murder case of her late husband, who was also a human rights activist, Munir Said Thalib, today, Thursday (9/12).

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Yesterday, Suci admitted that she often sends messages – including via the WhatsApp application – to ask about the continuation of the Munir murder case. However, until now, there was no reply.

Until, he continued, messages and requests to meet to discuss Munir’s case were ignored on Tuesday (7/12).

“Because the Prosecutor’s Office represents me as a victim. We should have talked, discussed, but this was never done, so finally yesterday I WA-invoked the Attorney General several times, finally Jampidum met this. Tomorrow at 2. So we’re on Thursday,” Suci said at the Komnas HAM Office, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (8/12). Berita Terkini

On the one hand, Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has ordered the AGO to follow up on Munir’s case several years ago. According to him, the AGO can take steps from the existing documents. However, until now he did not know the progress.

“In 2016 the Attorney General immediately ordered the Attorney General to do related documents. I don’t think it’s just documents. Because if you want to read Pollycarpus or Muchdi’s decision, the Attorney General can do a lot of loopholes,” said Suciwati.

In this regard, he received information that Komnas HAM had sent a letter to Jokowi to return to work on the Munir case. He considered that Jokowi should re-order the AGO. Berita politik

“Tomorrow [today] we will be received by Jampidum. So we will convey that Komnas HAM has also written to the president that there must be a follow-up on the criminal case because it does not stop,” Suci said.

“There must be direct orders to the National Police Chief and the Attorney General’s Office. Even though the President has already done that,” he added. Berita Hari Ini

For information, 17 years ago, September 7, 2004, Munir was killed with poison on a flight to the Netherlands.

Munir breathed his last on a Garuda Indonesia plane that took him to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The autopsy concluded that Munir died from arsenic poisoning.

A number of people have been prosecuted, including Pollycarpus Budihari Prijanto. Pollycarpus has served a prison sentence of 14 years, and was freed purely on August 29, 2018. He has only served eight of the total 14-year sentence in prison due to various remissions, and has been out of prison since 2014. with conditional release. Avril Lavigne Fanpage

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