Supporting Sandiaga Uno as a Presidential Candidate, Ijtima Ulama: An Optimistic Millennial Figure

Sandiaga Uno received support from groups on behalf of the Ijtima Ulama and Indonesian Youth. They declared themselves as supporters of Sandiaga Uno to run as a presidential candidate in the 2024 Presidential Election.

One of the declarators, Dede Ruba’i, stated that Sandiaga was a future leader. “Hopefully this will be the beginning in determining the future of the Indonesian nation,” he said during the declaration at Cipinang Campedak, East Jakarta, Tuesday. Berita Terkini

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According to Dede, the support for the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy is because it is considered to have a program that targets millennials. In addition, he views Sandi as a person who has faith, morals, and manners. He hopes that in the 2024 presidential election, Sandiaga can become a populist and popular with the community. Berita politik

Another declarator, Masri Ikoni, said that the Gerindra Party politician is considered to have a focus on Muslims. According to him, there are a number of parameters for the 2024 presidential candidates, such as independence and national-international insight. However, he considered the two indicators more fitting to be pinned to Sandiaga.

Meanwhile, the initiator of Ijtima Ulama and Islamic Youth, Arief Fahrudin, assessed that in terms of religion, Sandiaga was a moderate leader who was pro and concerned about inter-religious people. He is also considered to have never uttered hate speech against other religions and is able to maintain trust in the public.

“Trust in government when held by Sandiaga has increased. This proves that Sandiaga has always been transparent and has never made a mistake in implementing policies,” said Arief. Berita Hari Ini

They also said that Sandi was a smart and hard-working person in the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Several ideas came from Sandi when the national economy had declined. In addition to being polite and simple, they value Sandiaga Uno as an optimistic millennial figure with sufficient political experience. Avril Lavigne Fanpage

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