Vocational School Students Involved in Prostitution in Tebet to Meet the Needs for Lebaran Money

Anak Baru Gede (ABG), who was involved in online prostitution at the Reddoorz Plus Hotel Near TIS Square, Tebet Barat Dalam X, Tebet, South Jakarta, admitted selling his body because he needed money to be stylish and meet the needs of Eid money. He was also bluntly no longer a virgin because his girlfriend had sex with him. Berita Hari Ini

EN (16), a vocational high school student in South Jakarta, was arrested while doing nasty things in a hotel room with a masher. During this time he was given the freedom to hold a cellphone while studying online. He also admitted that his actions were wrong. “It’s Lebaran soon. So we look for money for Eid,” he said at Polda Metro Jaya, Thursday (22/4/2021). Berita Terkini

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EN also admitted that he offered himself through the MiChat application which he and his friends had used so far. After finding out, he immediately carried out these activities himself and also always rented rooms with his friends.

Every time he opens an open BO, he can get 2-3 guests every day at a rate of Rp.350 thousand each time he plays. However, right now he had to use a friend who was holding a cell phone or one who offered. From a jockey, EN offered himself Rp. 500 thousand – Rp. 800 thousand. However, he still received IDR 350 thousand per guest. Berita politik

During the raid in Tebet, the police arrested 15 people and most of them were minors who practiced prostitution online using the MiChat application. Avril Lavigne Fanpage

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